Friday, February 29, 2008

My homemade business cards

I've been contemplating for the last couple of weeks about business cards. I looked at several different sites that do them, and they are all cute and reasonably priced, and I almost ordered them a couple times. Plus, there are etsians who will custom design cards for you to print at home. Can't beat that!

But I had this idea that since what I do is paper crafting, it would make a better impression if my cards were also crafted by me. After all, what would be better than handing someone a business card that is just a teeny tiny example of what they will get from my store.

So here is what I did:

I got bookmarks from the craft store, which are already the same width as business cards. I cut them down a bit and scored them for the fold, making them the same length as a business card.

Then, I took out my scraps of paper that are left over from other projects and cut them to size. I just *knew* those things would come in handy for something!

Stapled it on with pretty colored staples to give it another little bit of colorful fun. Lastly, I wrote the website at the top. This is the only part I'm not sure about, because I'm not sure how the handwriting will be received by potential customers. So I am looking into a stamp that can be used instead. Plus, the writing is the part that by far took the longest, so it woud help greatly when I need to make a bunch of cards at once.

Happy weekend everyone!


Tizzalicious said...

Great idea, they look fantastic!

thebedroomcrafter said...

hi! i came across your blog by chance. i also made homemade business cards, perhaps you can take a look. i love yours!