Tuesday, July 13, 2010


In my last blog post I talked about writing and making the decision to put real effort into it, or whether to dedicate my time to other aspects of my life. A day or two after I wrote about it, I was still thinking about it, trying to decide what felt right in my heart. I was really torn, because right now, I don't have a lot of extra time to spend doing something which ultimately is unproductive.

So, the story continues as I sat at the mall on a day that was too hot for my children to play outside. They were playing in the kid area, making friends and burning off some energy, and I browsed through the e-reader app on my phone.

I was not looking for anything about publishing, but came across a popular e-book that discussed how to publish your own e-book. This piqued my interest, as my brother has been discussing his desire for an e-reader, and the popularity of these devices certainly have gone up since the iPad and Nook came on the market. Personally, I love the feel of an actual book in my hand, but I know our culture is a big fan of convenience as well as tech gadgets.

As I browsed through this e-book, I realized it was something I could do, and was perhaps the answer to the questions I'd been asking myself since my last blog.

So, in accordance with my personality, I typically think about decisions quite a lot before I'm ready to commit to a definitive answer. This can be a positive thing, but it can bite me right in the ass at times. The good thing is that when I do make a decision, I know I've considered it from all angles and when that decision is made, I have a lot of peace and confidence in it. The downfall is that sometimes I get so caught up in the pros and cons and what-ifs and maybes that I never feel comfortable making a decision.

This time, I was able to make a decision and put it into action right away. I had the idea, and I had the resolve. So I set my fingers to the keyboard and I wrote a novel. I spent about nine days actually working on it, and in the interest of not letting anxiety get the best of me, I have published it and it is available online already. It is currently available in only the one venue, but will soon be available on other online retail markets, including Barnes & Noble and at Apple.

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