Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scrumptious Soap

Get a fresh towel and start warming up the shower now- because you'll want one after hearing about this lovely soap!

This has a wonderful goats' milk base, for great moisturization. And it's pretty as can be. But that's not my most favorite part. This soap contains tea tree oil, which new studies are showing not only helps with sensitive skin, but may also help with breathing issues such as bronchitis and even asthma.

I agreed to test that theory, being that I have severe asthma, and I have to tell you that in my personal and quite unprofessional opinion, the tea tree oil soap really does help. You know that menthol-y scent that the medicinal rub on creams have? This has the same relief to it. I have used it when I felt like an asthma attack was coming on, and have felt better enough to not have to use my inhaler. Now don't mistake this for medical advice, but I just wanted to share my overwhelmingly positive experience with this wonderful new soap from sandro95.


Sandro95 said...

thanks so much cel!

pinkeareddog said...

This is good to know. Cool review. :)