Saturday, August 9, 2008

Very Vintage

I have to admit, my first few months in Etsyland I didn't visit the vintage category very often. Okay, never. I found Etsy because of its handmade pledge, and was so in awe of everything you could find there that had been crafted out of felt and paper and duct tape (oh yes, I just said duct tape) that it took me awhile to discover the wonder that is vintage on Etsy.
And after reading a very intriguing article in Glamour magazine about how vintage is a much greener choice than buying new (it only makes sense) I became that much more interested in vintage.

My Etsy friend JanEleven has such a wonderful assortment of vintage finds that I wanted to share a couple of my favorites here. This is one of a couple hundred photographs that can be found in the black and white book from the reign of Queen Victoria. Each photograph in the book measures 8 x 10 and has a description with it. This is one of the most wonderous things I have seen lately, but alas, it is not in my budget, so I will ogle it until it sells to an appreciative shopper.

Jan also has a neat selection of vintage bracelets. This sterling silver bracelet can be used to hold your personal charm collection, but I personally like it just the way it is.

You can find some non-vintage items in Jan's lovely shop, where she will happily serve up a cup of tea while you browse through her hand painted aceo's. And I think it is so neat how she does them- she does them in sets of four, and I've never seen the same one twice in her shop. She has a wonderful Alice in Wonderland set in her shop currently, but it was too suiting to share her "celebrate" aceo on my blog. Isn't it marvelous?

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Beadbug00 said...

WoooHooo JAN !!
We love The Jan ♥ and vintage and antiques . . . I really do :)