Monday, July 21, 2008

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

I used to paint. A lot. I did so many custom picture frames that I burned myself right out. Which was a good thing. Everything for a reason, remember?

So I took my time away to work with paper crafting for awhile. I made a zillion greeting cards and then needed something to do with them all. That's when I found Etsy. And what a blessing that was.

Then, because of a thread I found one day in the forum, I learned what ACEO's were. I had never heard of them before, and the little pieces of art intrigued me to no end and I tried my hand at those. Then somebody said that they loved my artwork, but just didn't collect ACEO's and did I do prints. So I started doing prints. And then I turned my prints into greeting cards and postcards.

Then, I decided to turn my prints into pendants. At first, I bought the pendants already handmade and put my artwork into them. But the idea of soldering my own pendants kept with me. And I wondered if I could learn how to do that. And then it became a challenge. So I ordered my first soldering kit. I have soldered several pendants so far. And I have, quite by accident, developed my own style in which the pendants have a distressed look that complements my simple style of artwork perfectly. More on that later.
So where is this going? Right back to the beginning. I decided that I wouldn't do prints in my soldered pendants, like I do my Artful Pendants that are currently in my shop. Instead, I wanted to do all OOAK (one of a kind) artwork. I start with watercoloring the background, and then I draw the artwork on.

And that led to the itch to pick up the paintbrush and put it to larger pieces again. Here is the first painted piece that I have introduced to my etsy shop:

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