Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Bead Party

One of my most favorite Etsyans (yes, I have a few!) was so very generous to host a Summer Bead Party. The lucky participants were sent one pound of clay to create beads or pendants with.

After we create the items with our clay, we will ship them back to happylake and she will fire them and send them back to us. I think it was such a creative idea and such a wonderful thing for her to do for us.

Here are a few things that have been created with the clay so far:

The pendants directly above and below are from beadbug. I love her rectangle with the heart on it. I can't wait to see that one through to completion of a necklace. I just know she will do something fantastic with it.

I also love the leaf with the ladybug. She has been doing very charming glass pendants with ladybugs on them. Which suits beadbug oh so perfectly. :)

The next ones are from SouthhamptonCreations. She is another lovely Etsyan whom I've come to know and love. She made some very cute pendants as well as some beads with her clay:

Don't those seashells just make you want to head to the beach?! She has such a variety of designs there, and they are all so unique.

Lastly (for now- as more participants email their pics I will post them), the wonderful hostess, Elizabeth/happylake. She has some remarkable things made, as one would expect from such a talented potterer. The bottom picture, with the pendant with the three flowers, is my personal favorite.

To see her tutorial about safely packing and shipping clay pieces like these, please visit her flickr page.

And I'll leave you with one more of my own pieces, which will likely be in my shop after the bead party is completed. :)


Beadbug00 said...

Very fabulous blog article!! Nice to see all the work in progress :)

flowersbyfarha said...

I missed that party so it's been fun to see how everyone is progressing with the clay. Thanks!