Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Update

Tanner's surgery is done and was successful. In about ten or fifteen minutes they had the right eardrum lifted and the tubes in both ears. He will start more antibiotics today, and start eardrops in his left ear today and in the right ear in a week. Then hopefully he will have another year illness- and pain-free (in his ears anyhow).

He woke up from the anesthesia fighting mad, just as last time. The anesthesiologist said he would expect nothing less, though, especially from a two year old. On the way home he mellowed out and took a short nap.

Tanner is a fighter. He fights having his ears checked, his temperature checked, his weight and height checked. Last time he got Rocefin (the antibiotic injection) he managed to grab hold of the needle while it was in his bum and drag it through his skin. So it was no surprise to me today that he grabbed his IV and yanked it right out of his hand. They wrapped it up to stop the bleeding and to minimize the bruising.

By the time we got home Tanner woke up and was ready for a snack. He had some cheese and crackers with a little bit of milk, and once I made sure his tummy was settled enough he had a popsicle. He was walking around like a drunk little man for a bit, but he's less wobbly now and I suspect very soon it will be difficult to slow him down.

Thanks once more for all of the prayers and support. I suspect that he and I will both rest easily tonight. Oh, and my antibiotics have finally kicked in and I can feel the strep throat getting better. Amen!

A couple more updates very quickly. They will test Tanner's hearing when he has his follow-up in about a month. We will know then if his hearing has returned. Also, they gave Tanner some medicine before the surgery that made him sleepy before they took him to the O.R., and the Dr. said that will also obscure any memory he may have of the surgery. He supposedly won't remember anything from the time he got that medicine until the time he got home, which is comforting to me.

And lastly, here is Tanner showing off a couple of souvenirs I found when I went to change him for his nap. He is still looking like a bit of a drunkard here, lol:


Beadbug00 said...

Awe, poor little guy-what a relief for you both!! Glad to hear you are getting better!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Cel! Your boys are such cuties! I'm so happy Tanner made it through everything just fine.

Much love!

flowersbyfarha said...

yay for successful surgery and a little boy that won't take it lying down!

Hoping he heals quickly and things calm down for you all.

Best Wishes!

pinkeareddog said...

Hi Sweetie! So glad you're on the other side of the surgery. Now for lots of health and feel-good times.
pinkear and Tulip

ClayItAgain / 12MidnightOils said...

Such good news to hear Tanner made it throughand that you're on the mend too. Will keep you all in my prayers♥