Sunday, April 5, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

...from a few of my favorite Etsyans

With the economy unfortunately being what it is currently, I, like so many others, cannot treat myself to many of the beautiful creations that I find on Etsy. So I heart them for later, collecting my favorite items and favorite shops and making a mental wish list. As I do so, I drool over the talent that I find and want to share some of that talent with you.

1. A teabowl from one of my dearest Etsy friends, Elizabeth, of happylake. I am blessed to own several of her gorgeous creations. She is currently taking a little vaca from Etsy, but you can still browse through her sold items to see a sampling of her most beautiful clay work.

2. Too cute! This suncatcher from another friend who is near and dear to my heart, Jessica of beadbug00. I own several of her glass pendants and I would love to have this in my kitchen.

3. This painting epitomizes beauty. Painted by a very talented and wonderful woman, who is referred to as Jan the Great by those of us who know and love her. You can find more of her wonderful watercolors, as well as fantastic vintage finds in janeleven.

4. Thanks to the pink family, I have sworn off all manufactured soaps. I will only only only use handmade soap after using pinkparchment's soap for the first time. No soap-in-a-kit here. This stuff smells good enough to eat, lathers like no tomorrow, and lasts forever and a day (and much of it is vegan friendly). I don't know how they do it, but I hope they never stop!

5. Rhonda's lovely work, such as this cute bunny card, certainly fits in a cozy loft, or cabin, or country kitchen. Adorable and made with love! (When you visit her shop, don't forget to link to her new owl-themed shop!)

6. The seababes are not new to my blog, but they have many eye-catching new works of wearable art in their shop, such as this uber-gorgeous amethyst ring.

7. Check out these unique earrings, made by hemlock- so orange, so springy, they'll make you so glad.

8. Dellane of rainwolf shares her unique perspective of the world with us via her photography. I absolutely love this print that she captured while visiting Katoomba (how fun is that to say?!).

9. These whimsical Victorian earrings by jessi are just my style. Simple is elegant.

10. I can't help but adore these fun shoes by stacey of inkwear99! Truly tattoo inspired, they remind me of my lilly tat on my foot. When it's too cold for flip-flops, I'd love to have these warm my feet.

11. Fantabulous Carribbean tikis! Goat has many wonderful soaps in her shop (my personal fav is the pomegranate tiki) but the tikis are her hallmark.

12. Erica, of sierrapelonacrochet, is famous for filling treasuries with her adorable angel cats and hearts. She has other eclectic crochet creations as well.

13. Solange, of xbutterfly0318x, has recently reworked her shop using only the very highest quality silver and gemstones. Owning several pieces of her jewelry, I can attest to the quality of her workmanship and the beauty and originality of her designs, and would love some of these beautiful pearl hairpins. Truly inspiring.

14. The most unique polymer clay creations out there are made by clayitagain- this baby is made entirely of polymer clay (and a lot of love).

15. Rhody (Rowdy Rhody as we lovingly call her) makes the cutest wreaths I've ever seen, like this Easter one, which would cheer up absolutely any neglected doorway in your home.

16. Some people have to practice talent, and some people are born with it. If you are running your own Etsy shop at 14, you are born with it, such as Sandro does with his varying and unique creations such as this candle- yup, candle, not an actual edible dessert.


ClayItAgain / 12MidnightOils said...

Val-Thank you so much for including Baby Christopher in this collection of favorites

Beadbug00 said...

I love your collection of Etsy peeps and their fine works - My caterpillar is honored that you chose him ;)