Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Which Way Are You Walking?

Sometimes we think we are walking forward when all the sudden we do a 180 and head right back into our past. I was faced with this situation recently, and so of course, as most of us do, I found myself contemplating the wiseness of treading back down a worn out path versus trailblazing a new one.

The fact of the matter is, no matter how much we try to live a life without regrets, there are always ways to doubt yourself. You doubt whether you should move forward, you doubt whether you should turn back, you doubt whether you should turn your back on old decisions or whether you should go back to fix mistakes. To be honest, sometimes it takes more courage to turn back, especially where you believe mistakes have been made and wrongs were committed. When you turn back, you embrace all of those things. You have to admit them, own them, and try to change them. It's not easy.

I guess in that way, it really isn't about turning back. It's about letting something good back in to your life, because where the path was already laid, you can now meander it and take more time to enjoy the scenery and make a conscious decision to appreciate everything about it more this time around.

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