Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ink Tattoo

On a recent trip to Denver, Colorado my friends Stacey and Eric of Ink Tattoo invited my boyfriend and I to stop in and spend the afternoon with them. I accepted with great anticipation and could not wait to meet my Etsy friend in person for the first time.

Stacey and Eric set us up with two of their very talented artists to give us tattoos. I got a cross I've been wanting for several years, and Kevin got his arm tattoo touched up, and added to his back piece. We were both thrilled with the results!

After our tats were done, Stacey and Eric invited us to their house, where we ate and chatted, sharing stories and laughter and had a most fabulous time. They even showed us around their press, where they make shirts for InkWear. We got to see some of their shoes in progress, but those are not from a press. Each pair is unique and completely hand drawn, and they are absolutely amazing. I have a pair with orange lillies and every time I wear them, people must know where I got them.

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victoria kloch said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Great tats!